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TonoVue won Taiwan Excellence Award, 2017

TonoVue won Taiwan Excellence Award, 2017
Crystalvue TonoVue was selected as Taiwan Excellence Product for 2017!
Check out Crystalvue TonoVue on Taiwan Excellence Award.

TonoVue is a non-contact tonometer that is intended to measure the intraocular pressure (IOP) of human eye in vivo. With TonoVue non-contact and auto-tracking nature, measurements per eye and intraocular pressure can be done extremely.
TonoVue utilizes a rapid and smooth air puff to apply force for flattening the cornea, and the advanced electro-optical system can monitor its deformation for non-contact IOP calculating. With the fully automatic 3D tracking, multiple IOP measurements can be done. TonoVue also provides compensated IOP values by inputting the central corneal thickness (CCT).

TonoVue Introduction Video: